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Preview of European Championships and Canadian Nationals 2024

We look ahead to the 2024 European Championships and Canadian Nationals competitions, with our thoughts on the skaters’ seasons so far and how they’d do at these events. We also weigh in on the allegations around Canadian ice dancer Nikolaj Sorensen.
January 10, 2024

Canadian Nationals and European Championships 2024 Competition Previews

We’re previewing both the 2024 European Figure Skating Championships and 2024 Canadian Nationals — and there’s much to discuss!

In all disciplines at the European Championships, the competition is stacked with talent. From current “IT”-guy in skating, Adam Siao Him Fa, seeking his second title in a row, to the dance battle between Guignard & Fabbri verses Fear & Gibson, this international event promises to be exciting.

At Canadian Nationals, the competition will inevitably be somewhat overshadowed by the recent news regarding ice dancer, Nikolaj Sorensen. Any time there’s discussion that involves a topic as triggering as this one, we want to be as sensitive as possible. We do get into this subject briefly at the start of our episode, trying to keep to facts and limiting how much detail we go into. For those seeking more info on this case, we recommend reading Christine Brennen’s article in USA Today.

In terms of the Canadian Nationals competition, we expect an exciting showdown in the Pairs event, and some noteworthy performances to keep an eye on elsewhere.

European Championships

The men’s event promises to be a major highlight here, with Adam Siao Him Fa leading this deep field. With many of the men being at a similar skill level, it feels like anyone’s game for podium spots.

Lukas Britschgi has been consistent all season so far, and stands a great chance of medaling here. We’ll also see the return of Matteo Rizzo from Italy along with his two countrymen, newly crowned Italian champion Nikolaj Memola and Gabriel Frangipani. Also in contention, France’s Kevin Aymoz, who’ll be seeking a more steady competition following several unfortunate skates at the Grand Prix Final and Italian Nationals.

The women’s event is also loaded with contenders, most notably the two Belgian women — Loena Hendrickx and Nina Pinzarrone. They will face last year’s European champion, Anastasia Gubanova, and the 2023 bronze medalist, Kimmy Repond, amongst others. 

In the Pairs discipline, Germany’s Hase & Volodin will be looking to keep their winning streak alive while facing a trio of strong Italian teams, the surging Hungarian team, and their own national rivals, Hocke & Kunkel.

In dance, expect a showdown between the favorites, Italy’s Charlene Guignard & Marco Fabbri and Great Britain’s Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson. Their rivalry has been interesting this season so far, and we’re looking forward to more!

Canadian Nationals

The team events are really the marquee here — with the Pairs having two very strong teams going head to head. We’re excited to see Deanna Stellato-Dudek & Maxime Dechamps challenge the rest of the field to retain their national title — but Lia Pereira & Trentt Michaud are looking to make this an interesting competition.

Following the withdrawal of Fournier-Beaudry & Sorensen and Lajoie & Lagha, this discipline opens up much more than expected. Canada’s sweethearts, Piper Gilles & Paul Porrier, should win this decisively — but the battle for silver and bronze will be interesting. Watch for the unique team of Marie-Jade Lauriault & Romain Le Gac to make their move!

In the individual competitions, we’ll get our first look in a while at former Canadian National Champion, Roman Sadovsky. He’s known to be hot and cold, so we’re not sure what to expect — but he’ll be challenged by the more consistent but less artistic Stephen Gogolev and Conrad Orzel. Also, don’t count out Wesley Chiu — he’s had an iffy season, but maybe this is his time.

In the Womens’s event, Madeline Schizas looks to dominate the field here as long as she can stay steady. Also to keep an eye on, last year’s silver medalist Kaiya Ruiter and the lovely Sara-Maude Dupuis


0:00 — Intro
0:44 — Nikolaj Sorensen Allegations
5:33 — Canadian Nationals — Ice Dance Competition
9:12 — Canadian Nationals — Men’s Competition
13:28 — Canadian Nationals — Women’s Competition
15:45 — Canadian Nationals — Pair’s Competition
16:59 — Europeans — Men’s Competition
22:28 — Europeans — Pairs Competition
25:10 — Europeans — Women’s Competition
30:17 — Europeans — Ice Dance Competition
34:15 — Wrap-Up

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