Gold in our Hearts: 2023-2024 Figure Skating Season Retrospective by Scoreography. Pictured skaters: Alison Reed, Ava Marie Ziegler, Adam Siao Him Fa.

Gold in our Hearts: 2023-2024 Season Retrospective

In our first video episode, we look back at the 2023-'24 figure skating season and pick Gold in our Hearts performances from each major international competition, as well as overall season picks from each discipline.
May 8, 2024

Scoreography Gold in our Hearts ’23-’24 Figure Skating Season Retrospective

The 2023-2024 figure skating season may be over, but we’re still reminiscing about who was “Gold in our Heart” over the past year.

In looking back, we realized that there were quite a few competitions that happened before we started our fan favorite “Gold in our Heart” feature every episode of Scoreography. We decided to rectify this, and use it as an opportunity to go back and celebrate some of the best performances of the season.

Starting at the beginning of the Grand Prix, we highlight skaters that did not win gold at each competition this season — but instead either achieved something extraordinary or simply caught us in the feels. In short, we each pick our heart’s gold medalists — which range from Kevin Aymoz creating a moment with his ‘Bolero’ at Skate America, to Japan’s Rion Sumiyoshi getting her first ratified quad toe loop at Grand Prix de France, to Amber Glenn making a stunning comeback to medal at Grand Prix Espoo.

We also reflect on our golden selections from competitions we did cover on the podcast, including the remarkable European Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania, as well as the thrilling 2024 World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Admittedly, both of these competitions may have been the toughest of the season to pick from — even when not including the World record breaking performance of Ilia Malinin or three-peat win from Kaori Sakamoto.

Lastly, we name each of our picks for full 2023-2024 season. Some of these definitely break our “unspoken rule” of no gold medalists — but since we made the rules, we are allowed to break them. Especially when we’re talking about skaters like the now legendary World Champions, Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Maxime Deschamps.

We hope you enjoy this look back, and let us know in the comments who is gold in your heart for the season!


0:00 — Intro
00:48 — Skate America // Kevin Aymoz
01:32 — Skate America // Niina Petrokina
02:13 — Skate Canada // Rino Matsuike
02:53 — Skate Canada // Matteo Rizzo
03:34 — Grand Prix de France // Lim & Quan
04:23 — Grand Prix de France // Rion Sumiyoshi
05:05 — Cup of China // Mikhail Shaidorov
06:04 — Cup of China // Rinka Watanabe
06:41 — Grand Prix Espoo // Turkkila & Versluis
07:34 — Grand Prix Espoo // Amber Glenn
08:17 — NHK Trophy // Beccari & Guarise
09:09 — NHK Trophy // Shoma Uno
10:06 — Grand Prix Final // Isabeau Levito
11:09 — Grand Prix Final // Lajoie & Lagha
12:10 — Europeans // Reed & Ambrulevicius
13:10 — Europeans // Lithuanian Audience
14:07 — Four Continents // Boyang Jin
14:51 — Four Continents // Junhwan Cha
15:40 — Worlds // Adam Siao Him Fa
17:13 — Worlds // LaJoie and Lagha
18:18 — Season in Review
18:40 — Pairs // Stellato-Dudek & Deschamps
19:47 — Men // Yuma Kagiyama
21:02 — Men // Adam Siao Him Fa
21:48 — Women // Ava Marie Ziegler
22:52 — Women // Hana Yoshida
23:45 — Ice Dance // Lajoie & Lagha
24:14 — Ice Dance // Reed & Ambrulevicius
24:58 — Wrap-Up

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