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Q&A Episode — YOUR Questions Answered!

As we get ready for the final competitions of the ’23-’24 season, we answer listener questions about all things figure skating: predictions, favorite skaters and FS moments, and what 20 programs we’d save in our end-of-the-world bunker.
February 20, 2024

Scoreography Q&A: Answering Your Listener Questions

Welcome to our first Scoreography Q&A Episode! We asked listeners to let us know what in figure skating they wanted us to talk about. And we received a far more enthusiastic response than we ever could have imagined!

As you will hear, you asked some amazing Q’s about our favorite skates and skaters of all time — which, honestly, led us to a mild existential crisis! You asked what programs we would take with us into a dystopian bunker — which REALLY gave us a much greater existential crisis! You were so creative and thoughtful in your questions, we hope we did some of them justice.

You also allowed us to dig into some of reasons we love the sport. From Wendy’s childhood crush on Kurt Browning to Adron’s epiphany at the 2006 U.S. National Championships in St. Louis, MO — all of it was fun to reminisce about.

We did make sure to also dig into some of the judging changes we’d like to see, and even offered a few hot takes (Adron had far more than he expected.)

We hope you enjoy us getting nostalgic about Paul Wylie program, gushing over countless skaters we adore, and let us know who your favorites are, too! What would you “take to the bunker?” We’d love to hear! 


0:00 — Intro
1:07 — How did Wendy convince Adron to watch figure skating?
3:58 — What hooked Adron on figure skating?
7:07 — First FS memory?
10:42 — Favorite Paul Wylie programs?
12:43 — Favorite Gabby Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron programs?
15:10 — Favorite skaters and FS moments?
25:03 — Dream team FS tour?
28:16 — Judging system and rules changes?
33:18 — Age change for seniors?
35:07 — IJS vs 6 point judging systems?
36:55 — Randomized free skate orders?
40:39 — ISU Awards changes?
42:22 — Can Ilia Malinin be beat at Worlds?
43:55 — Can Isabeau Levito podium at Worlds?
45:00 — Could Nathan Chen beat Ilia?
46:25 — Will Kevin Aymoz retire?
47:30 — Olympics for Chock & Bates and Jason Brown?
48:41 — Solo ice dance future for Shoma Uno?
50:53 — Olympic podium predictions?
54:38 — Favorite / least favorite costumes?
57:40 — Tights over boots?
58:36 — Bunker programs?
1:03:19 — Swapping programs?
1:04:21 — Singles into teams?
1:06:15 — Unpopular FS opinions?
1:11:25 — Wrap Up

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