Skate America 2022

Skate America 2022 & Intro to Scoreography

Our first episode! Wendy & Adron dive into all the action from Skate America 2022, including Ilia Malinin's extraordinary Quad Axel, an exciting Women's competition, and some extraordinary dance and pairs performances.
October 25, 2022

Skate America and THAT Quad Axel

In the first episode of Scoreography, hosts Wendy Buske and Adron Buske discuss Skate America 2022, and the Quad Axel heard around the world. We explore the biggest moments and surprises of this figure skating season’s first Grand Prix event. And we explain the premise, origin, and intended audience for Scoreography.

We examine the competitive Skate America performances of Ilia Malinin, Isabeau Levito, Amber Glenn, Kaori Sakamoto, Chock & Bates, Hawayek & Baker, Knierim & Frazier, Stellato-Dudek & Deschamps, and more.

Getting to know your Scoreography Hosts

Wendy and Adron Buske are experienced podcasters whose work includes the long-running show Nerd For A Living, about careers in pop culture entertainment. Adron is also the host of Fictitious, a podcast and YouTube program about the storytelling craft of science fiction and fantasy. 

Scoreography views figure skating through the perspective of a lifelong super fan (Wendy) and a fairly recent but enthusiastic convert (Adron). The show is intended for the casual skating fan looking to learn more about the sport, and aims to promote figure skating to a wider audience.

Scoreography — A Figure Skating Podcast hosted by Wendy Buske and Adron Buske

Scoreography Podcast

Scoreography is a show about the art, athleticism, culture, and entertainment of Figure Skating. We discuss current competitions, the sports history and legacy, up-and-coming skaters and absolute legends, and the action outside of the rink. 

Whether you’re new to the sport’s fandom, a once-in-awhile watcher, or a seasoned skating veteran, you’ll find something to enjoy in our program. 

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