Scoreography Podcast Episode 3: Skate France 2022

Skate France 2022 Grand Prix Event Recap

Wendy and Adron discuss the highlights from the Skate France 2022 Grand Prix event, including explosive performances from Loena Hendrickx, Guitard & Fabbri, and Adam Siao Him Fa.
November 9, 2022

Skate France International 2022 Grand Prix Skating Competition Discussion

In our third episode, Wendy and Adron talk about Skate France, the 2022 figure skating Grand Prix event held November 4th-6th in Angers, France. Though a lot of the competitive performances were not very memorable, several of the podium-grabbing skates were quite spectacular!

We breakdown standout skates from Loena Hendrickx, Guitard & Fabbri, and Adam Siao Him Fa. We look at up-and-coming American skaters Audrey Shin and ice dance team Pate & Bye.

Get hyped with us for the announcement that Jason Brown will return to competitive ice at US Nationals! We also discuss  our desire for skaters to diversify their music choices and move away from the same classic pieces, and why US Skating needs to promote the international camaraderie of skating. 

Chapters in this episode:

1:07 — Fan Shoutout
1:53 — Jason Brown Returns
8:48 — Skate France & VPN Viewing
10:52 — Men’s / Soto Yamamoto
13:09 — Adam Siao Him Fa
15:24 — Pairs / Hocke and Kunkel
16:09 — Kovalev and Kovalev
17:08 — Stelatto-Dudek and Duchamps
19:25 — Ice Dance / Pate and Bye
21:13 — Guitard and Fabbri
25:35 — Women’s / Haein Lee
28:16 — Rion Sumiyoshi
29:23 — Yelim Kim
31:04 — Loena Hendrickx — * Wendy & Adron’s favorite skate of this event
33:53 — International Camaraderie
38:38 — Audrey Shin
39:52 — Mana Kawabe
45:54 — Next Week…

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