Scoreography Episode 008 — Stars on Ice 2023 and World Team Trophy 2023. Pictured: Kurt Browning

Stars on Ice and World Team Trophy 2023

We talk about our experience seeing Stars on Ice in Chicago, featuring the farewell tour of legend Kurt Browning. We also look back at the awesome World Team Trophy event, and share our highlights from the 22-23 season.
June 5, 2023

Recap of the 2023 Stars on Ice Tour Performance in Chicago & World Team Trophy 2023

Welcome fellow figure skating fans! We’re back during the off-season to reflect on this year’s fantastic US tour of Stars on Ice that we were able to see live in Chicago. We also discuss some of our favorite moments from this past season, now that we’ve had time to simmer on it since the World Championships.

After such a unique and exciting post-Olympic season, we were beyond ready to head to Chicago, Illinois, to see some skating in real life! Especially exciting was THIS YEAR’S CAST! From Olympic Champion Nathan Chen, to 4-time Japanese National Champion Satoko Miyahara, to a very special goodbye from Wendy’s all time favorite skater, Kurt Browning, it was a show we could not miss!

To say that it lived up to the hype is certainly an understatement. As an added element of fun, this was Adron’s very first skating show — which made it extra special and a tough act to follow for the next time we see live skating! For Wendy, this was a deeply nostalgic show, as Kurt Browning holds an impossibly special place in her heart, which she describes in this episode.

A few specific highlights we get into:

Who knew Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier would STEAL THE SHOW?!

We’re both completely enchanted by Satoko Miyahara (as if we already weren’t!).

Ilia Malinin COMMANDS an arena… He’s just EXCITING.

What a dream to see Jason Brown and Nathan Chen!

Madison Chock may be the most gorgeous human we’ve seen in real life (and we’ve seen Gal Gadot IRL). She and Evan Bates were as stunning as ever. And THAT dress!

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier were so warm and inviting on the ice — completely unique and lovely.

What a delight to see Loena Hendrickx — the Stars on Ice sparkle suits her perfectly.

A fun and fresh Stars on Ice debut from Isabeau Levito!

Alissa Czisny may be the fastest skater on the tour! Her program needed no jumps — it was simply breathtaking.

Last, but never least, Kurt Browning made the room his own and brought a few tears with his 30th and final Stars on Ice tour performances.

Also, as we settle into the long off-season, we take a few minutes to reminisce about the 2022-2023 season:

World Team Trophy 2023

World Team Trophy may have been our favorite competition of the year. But was it REALLY a competition? Such a great vibe filled with an international camaraderie that skating needs more of!

WWT solidified some of the results from Worlds, with exceptional performances again from Junhwan Cha, Haein Lee, and Kevin Aymoz.

Our Favorite Moments of the Season

Shoma Uno being Shoma Uno.

Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara, every time no matter the result, had our hearts <3 

Jason Brown coming back with commanding, incredible performances.

Kevin Aymoz going from injured and out to almost making the podium at Worlds!

The rise of South Korean skating — especially Haein Lee and Junhwan Cha!

The gorgeous return to form of Mai Mihara, who may have had our favorite short program of the season.

For the little we got to see them, the remarkable programs from Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean Luc Baker. We cannot wait to see them again next season!

And, obviously, the QUAD AXEL!!

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