NHK Trophy 2023 Recap

NHK Trophy 2023 Scoreography Podcast Recap Episode — pictured skater: Ava Marie Ziegler

We recap NHK Trophy 2023, the final qualifier event for the Grand Prix. We predicted this would be a wild card competition and, yes, wild outcomes were in store! We discuss the surprise gold medal win from Ava Marie Ziegler, the upset victory of Fear & Gibson, the showdown between Shoma Uno and Yuma Kagiyama, and more.

Grand Prix Espoo 2023 Recap

Grand Prix Espoo 2023 Recap Episode — pictured: Amber Glenn

We dive into the results of the Grand Prix Espoo in Finland, including Amber Glenn’s wild rise from 11th place to the podium, shaky wins from Kaori Sakamoto and Chock & Bates, and a tight final tally in the men’s competition.

Cup of China 2023 Recap

Cup of China 2023 — Scoreography Recap and Commentary Episode. Pictured: Hana Yoshida

We recap Cup of China 2023, discussing upset wins from Japan’s Hana Yoshida and France’s Adam Siao Him Fa, argue for a different outcome in Ice Dance, and welcome Canada’s Stellato-Dudek & Deschamps to the back-to-back GP gold medal club.